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Our aim is to connect winemaking, the ancient traditions of winemakers, the customs of Colchagua countryside and art. In order to do that, we need to create a permanent link between the worlds of art and countryside customs, since this is the very foundation of our project. 

Today our daily activity provides employment to artists and rural workers, whose participation provides for real growth and involvement in our society as a whole.

The Place

Our wine cellar is located in the Valley of the Artists, next to the workshop of sculptor Enrique Villalobos, where the artist creates his "lost wax" bronze sculptures, three miles from the field where the vineyards are sheltered.

This has stimulated our plan and enabled us to get closer to the land and vineyard with a different approach, to merge two respected passions: art and wine appreciation.

Our interest is to connect three types of art in the Chilean countryside: plastic arts, vine cultivation and wine-making.

When we refer to the art world, we mean sculptors from different countries and, also, the area of national plastic arts.

We wish to establish a place of study, training and work for art, organic vineyards and expressive wine cellars. Our ultimate purpose is to teach the creative process of human labor, which has to be sustainable and environmentally friendly.

International Relations

This facility is action-orientated, aimed at attracting the national and international artistic sculptor community.  We are interested in receiving artists from different countries to practice sculpture This would be a year round activity.

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Lira 254 Santiago, Santiago, Chile.

Branch and Warehouse Adress:Parcela  d27 Valle de los Artistas, comuna Lolol, Sexta region, Chile.

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